Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Last night B-man started talking to me about Halloween.  He'd watched something on YouTube and it got him thinking.

"We need to practice, Momma."

"Practice what, bud?"


"Halloween is a ways away, buddy.  I don't think we need to practice."

"Yes, we need to walk all over the neighborhood to practice.  You can go in the car or on your feet."

I'd been at work all day then made it to the gym but I couldn't resist a walk with my little man.  Plus I knew he wouldn't walk far.

We had a lovely little walk.  He went further than I had anticipated.  We had a nice chat.  My favorite part was him telling a neighbor that he was practicing for trick or treat.  The guy played along and seemed amused.

Practicing is helpful for B in a number of situations.  It helps lower his anxiety in new situations.  We try to talk through things.  I answer his endless questions - sometimes patiently, others not so much.

We usually don't practice so far in advance though.  I don't usually tell him things very far in advance.  It helps with the millions of questions.  The less time he had to think about a new situation, the fewer questions.  It's a delicate balance: telling him far enough in advance to help him get comfortable but not tell him so far in advance that we have to answer a million questions.

On our walk, B said he'd like to practice three times a week until Halloween.  I could use some more exercise so I'll go along with it.  But he also said that he'd ask Mr. Tom to drive him around on the golf cart on Halloween night so I'm not sure how long practicing will last.

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