Thursday, January 10, 2019

Christmas Break Catch Up

Since I took a little writing break to match up with our Christmas Break, I thought I'd share a bunch of pictures and do some quick hits of our break. 

Each year we load up the car and go look at Christmas lights.  The past few years we've gone to drive through places.  It's so much fun.  Sam's girlfriend got to go with us this year so it was hilarious for Sambo to be scrunched in the backseat because he was trying to be sweet. 

After an EXTREMELY frustrating visit to DPS, Zac got his learner's permit!

We had a delicious, fancy dinner at Nick & Sam's in Dallas with my uncle, my mom, Ryan, the Bigs and Sam's girlfriend.  We had B skip this one because the food is fancy (no chicken nuggets), the restaurant is loud and crowded and dinner took 2 hours.  He stayed with GG (Ryan's mom), ate pizza and was thrilled to death!

We attended Christmas Eve service at our church and got an awesome picture of all of us! B wanted to take his own picture afterwards.

Christmas morning! The boys loved what Santa brought. This year I wrapped each person's gift in a certain paper but didn't put any labels on them.  The boys had to find the tiny piece of paper at the bottom of their stocking to figure out which presents were their's.  Only one hiccup - Ryan wrapped a gift for me in Zac's paper and we ignored the label.  Zac was surprised to open a Harry Potter blanket.

After Christmas we took a road trip to Colorado to meet up with family and ski (the Bigs and Ryan that is).  We stopped in New Mexico the first day and B had his own little area in the hotel room.  He also created reverse s'mores because the marshmallow was so large!

Family pictures in one of our favorite spots in Keystone.  We were able to take some of Ryan's dad's ashes to this spot and it was so special.  Sam would like everyone to know that he's in snow up to his knee and that's why he looks like he's our same height.  As evidenced by the last picture.

I am so thankful our district gave us a nice long break. I felt like we had plenty of time before and after Christmas.  We were able to get back from Colorado and still have 4 days before I went back to work.  The boys got 6 days!

We had a great break being with the people we love, doing things we enjoy and relaxing.  How as your holiday?

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