Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rude Default

Over the holidays I had, as I'm sure you did, many opportunities to interact with people in customer service positions.  I'm sure they were stressed about all the things they needed to do before Christmas.  Many of these interactions lead me to think about other customer service interactions and interaction with strangers in general.  All these interactions led to one question time and time again: Why has our default reaction become 'rude'?  Rude instead of helpful.  Rude instead of pleasant. Rude instead of even disinterest. 

3 of my 4 interactions with personnel at DPS in December started rudely.  The shocking part was that when they knew all the information, a switch flipped and they became VERY nice and helpful.  It's so confusing.  If you're rude, just be rude.  If you're nice, just be nice.  Why flip flop?

Because your default is rude but you know better.  Maybe their work default is rude but they really are nice people? Who knows?

I think, I've realized that I can't change anyone but myself.  Most of the time, I remember this.  So, when I encounter these default rude people, all I can do is remind myself not to be rude.  To lead with a smile. Seek first to understand.  Ask questions before drawing a conclusion.  Show God's love.

Ohhhh, that last one's the rub for Christians.  Everywhere you go, you're representing Christ.  So, our default should not be rude.  Our default should be love.  Mercy, that's hard.  It's so hard to give love when you're getting rudeness.  But, that's how they'll know us...by our love.

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