Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dealing with Upset

Yesterday I was angry.  Actually, I wasn't exactly angry, I was upset.  Or maybe it was righteous indignation.  I don't know how to label it exactly. 

Someone I really like caused a problem through a clerical error. It definitely wasn't intentional.  The consequences of the problem just kept rippling, causing more and more problems.  I was responsible for fixing the problem.  The more ripples, the more upset I became.  I didn't like it but I wasn't sure what to do about it.

First, I made sure that the people who needed to know, knew about the problem.  By which I mean the people who could help me fix it, not the entire population and everyone I came into contact with.  I wanted to go around being screaming mad but I tried to control that.  You know that wasn't easy for me.   

Next, I set about fixing the problem.  This is my strong suit. I can make a plan and follow through like nobody's business. 

I also asked for help when I needed it and made sure to express my appreciation for those who were helping me. 

And yet, the upset persisted.  My head and my stomach ached.  I began praying.  I prayed for forgiveness for my anger or upset or righteous indignation or whatever.  I forgave the person who'd caused the problem.  I reached out and asked a friend to pray for me as well.  I needed to fight this emotion. 

Finally, my upset subsided but I felt down.  I scrolled through Twitter and came on this tweet. 

Isn't GOD awesome? He can use a total stranger to minister to us. 

I was able to finish solving the problem and ended the day not feeling angry or upset or righteously indignant.  Mostly I just felt relieved and tired and thankful.

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