Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Loving it!

Happy Tuesday friends! If you have a short week this week, I hope it goes well. Short weeks always tend to be crazy because you're trying to cramp 5 days worth of stuff into 4 days.  This year I'm working on being more positive so today I want to share 5 things with you that I am loving. 

1. Our morning routine - it's football offseason so the boys are back to their early morning workouts.  I am super proud of them for getting moving that early and being so dedicated to it.  I really love that I don't have to get up and badger them to get out of bed.  Sam gets up and gets moving then he gets Zac moving.  I still get up, make coffee, do my Bible study, clean the kitchen then go take a little 20 minute nap.  It's awesome!

2. Speaking of Bible study, I'm reading Exodus again.  Oh my gosh, it is just my most favorite book of the Bible.  So many lessons to learn.  And such reassurance that no matter how much I mess up, God is going to come after me again and again.

3.  Our Special Needs Ministry, Valuable - I am so thankful that I get to lead this ministry at our church.  Leading a ministry is not always sunshine and roses.  Leading anything involving other flawed humans is not always sunshine and roses.  But right now, things are clicking and running smoothly.  We had a family fellowship luncheon on Sunday. It was such a blessing to see how much the ministry has grown and to see the families visit. 

4. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief lotion - actually the lotion, the body wash and hand soap.  It smells so awesome.  I don't know if it actually relieves my stress but it smells so great.  I was so excited when one of my students brought me the foaming hand soap for Christmas.  {heart eyes emoji}

5. Coloring - I've written about how relaxing coloring is for me.  Lately, I've been coloring more and more.  I love my Color Happy subscription and my coloring books from Rad and Happy.  I'm also loving my new Crayola SuperTip markers. I had the 20 marker set but a couple of weeks ago, I splurged and bought the 100 marker set. I was not super excited when I first opened them because the markers didn't match up with the dots on the top.  The dots on the top are supposed to tell you where to put the marker.  I tweeted Crayola and they did not seem to care.  I put them in color family order yesterday on my day off and I was instantly relieved. 

So, there they are - the 5 things that I am loving right now.  What are you loving right now?


Wtravis said...

1. The continued healing of my Dad and bonus daughter; plus Cherry Coke Zero for stamina with all the trips to the hospitals. Maybe not stamina...something about it just makes me feel better! Lol
2. The quirky, fun-loving, sense of humor filled students.
3. The Audible app, which I use to pass the time on my commute. Current book is The Passage.
4. My amazing husband who understands my need for alone time.
5. My tribe-a sisterhood of strong, positive, supportive women who only want to see each other happy and blessed.

Aimee Bartis said...

Praying for your Dad - may the Cherry Coke Zero flow freely!