Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Legacy. What is a legacy?
It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.
   - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton: An American Musical  

This picture.  This is a picture of a legacy.  It's the spiritual legacy of Hazel Splawn Gheen Stevenson.

This is my cousin Angala and I at the You Are Conference last weekend.  Friday night my mom texted me to say that Angala was there too. We hooked up and had a nice, too quick, visit.  Then Saturday as the last session started, I knew we needed to get a picture.  I started thinking about Granny Gheen's legacy.  Then the last speaker started talking about legacies.  Man, I love it when God does stuff like that!

My Granny Gheen loved Jesus and her church.  And, when she passed, it was apparent that her church loved her too.   I have one of Granny Gheen's Bibles.  I love that it has her handwriting in it. (I wrote about Granny, socks and handwriting in November) She wrote the dates and teachers by verses.  Seeing her Bible inspired me to starting making notes in my Bible.  I write the dates I read chapters or verses.  I note sermons and teachers.  I underline. I star.  I write short notes.  Granny's love bled through to Angala and I.  So there we were in College Station at a fabulous conference learning about and praising Jesus.  I imagine Granny Gheen was smiling down on us.

Besides being thankful about Granny Gheen's legacy, I started thinking about my own.  Parenting is hard, you don't know what's going to stick and what's going to get pushed aside.  I pray my love for Jesus and His people is evident to my boys.  I see them loving others well.  I pray it continues.  I pray in many many many many many (how many more manys should I type) my grandkids will know how much I loved Jesus and His people from their daddies and from my Bible.

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