Thursday, January 24, 2019


I've listened to Louie Giglio's audiobook, The Air I Breathe. It's all about worship.  Worship as our response to God, not just worship music.  Right off the bat, Louie knocked me back.  He reminds us that God made us to worship.  It's an engrained part of who we are.  We are going to worship something if we don't worship God.  Ever since I listened to that, I've tried to be very aware of who and what I'm worshipping if I'm not worshipping God.

My favorite way to worship/kind of worship is singing.  I am not great or even good singer.  But I'm counting on Psalm 100 - make a joyful noise unto the LORD.  Did you get that, it didn't say "sing a good song" "be on key for the LORD".   So, sorry if you sit near me at church, I'm gonna be busy making my joyful noice unto the LORD.

I usually close my eyes while I sing, if I know the words.  I do this so I can focus.  If I don't close my eyes I'm looking at everyone else.  Who's coming in late? Who's holding up their hands? What's the band doing?

I find that God really stirs my heart when I'm tuned in and singing worship songs.  I'm a bawl bag so I generally end up crying during worship.  Closing my eyes helps me control that a bit.

If I'm honest, I sometimes have a hard time getting in the zone during Sunday morning worship. There are two scenarios during worship. One is that my special needs ministry class is meeting.  Two is that B is with us in service.  During #1 I might be thinking about the kids and volunteers in the room right now.  I totally trust my team but sometimes they need me.  During #2 I feel like I need to keep one eye open so I can make sure B stays with us or doesn't interrupt someone else's worship experience.

This weekend I'm going to the You Are Conference in College Station.  It's a women's conference that I first went to last year.  I'm so excited to worship at You Are, to get in the zone. 

What's your favorite way to worship?  How do you get in the zone?

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