Wednesday, January 30, 2019

You Are 2019

Last weekend I was able to attend You Are 2019 and it was fabulous, again.  Last year was my first experience with You Are and I was anxious to return. 

First, let me say that it is abundantly clear that the women who run this conference are all in for Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is moving in their organization.  It is absolutely crazy and exciting that there are so many over the top outstanding women of Christ in Bryan/College Station. 

The group of cLife women at You Are grew this year. It's my prayer that our group will continue to grow and more women can experience You Are each year.  I think everyone but me, left the Dallas area early in the day and rode together.  I left right after school and enjoyed the time alone in the car. 

Friday night's session was my absolutely favorite.  The speaker's name is Damaris Carbaugh.  Oh my gracious, she is precious.  She started by singing us two beautiful songs.  She cried while she sang.  After singing she told us that she didn't have a cold, she cries every time she sings about Jesus.  "He melts me".  I loved that! I cry almost every time I worship so I was related with Damaris from the jump. 

Damaris is from New York City and she is a straight shooter.  I loved it when she paraphrased the Bible via New York.  I also loved her message - READ YOUR BIBLE.  Damaris used to sing jingles and told us her new jingle is "READ YOUR BIBLE". 

Damaris has inspired me to not only read my Bible in the morning but at mid-day.  It's a new habit I'm trying to develop.  I'm two day in, I'll keep you updated ;)

Worship at You Are is awesome! The songs are great and at time there's a dance troupe that performs.  As I wrote last week, I like to keep my eyes closed during worship but I can't keep my eyes off the girls.  Such a beautiful expression of their love for Jesus!

I really enjoyed our group of cLife ladies.  I wish we had more time to reflect and encourage each other during the conference.  The ladies I stayed with went out to eat after Friday night's events.  I was going to go but I was so tired.  What I loved was that my friend Laci said "it's totally cool if you want to go to the house instead of out to eat." They get me and love me anyway.  And we laugh.  Almost constantly!

I'm already looking forward to next year.  But I can't really think about it.  I can't really think about anything 2020 related because I can't believe that Sam will be graduating in 2020.

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